Questions :-

1.With whom you can associate theory of evolution?
a. Charles Darwin
b. Mendel
c. Stanley miller
d. Harold Urey

2. Which of the following can be called a characteristic?
a. Plants can photosynthesis
b. We have 2 eyes
c. Mango tree is multicellular
d. All of these

3. Possible reason behind importance of variation?
a. Transmission
b. classification
c. forms basis of heredity and adaptation
d. All of these

4.Cutting of tails in dogs is the example of?
a. Somatic Variation
b. Gametic trait
c. acquired trait
d. both (a) and (c)

5.Which of the following called a dominant trait?
a. Tallness ‘Tt’
b. Tallness ‘TT’
c. Gene
d. All of these

6.Father of Genetics?
b.A V Leuwenhoek
c.Gregor Johann Mendel
d. All of these

7.Which is not the result of monohybrid cross?
a. All F1 progeny were tall (due to dominance)
b. F2 progeny ¼ were short, ¾ were tall
c. Round, yellow seeds
d. All of these

8.Bat and birds contains which kind of organs?
a. Analogous organs
b. Homologous organs
c. Di-hybrid organ
d. All of these

9.What is artificial selection?
a. hybridization
b. mutation
c. modification of a species
d. All of these

10.Homologous organ have
a. Same structure, same function
b. Different structure, different function
c. Same structure, different function
d. different structure, same function

Chapter - 9 Heredity and Evolution Quiz - 2 | Class - 10th

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