Online test of Chapter 8 Motion 1 Science| Class 9th

Questions :

1. A man walks from point A to B through semicircular track ACB as shown in figure. What is his distance and displacement?





Radius of Semi Circular track ACB

OB = OA = r

(a) Distance = 2πr, displacement = 2πr
(b) Distance = πr, displacement = 2πr
(c) Distance = 2πr, displacement = 2r
(d) Distance = πr, displacement = 2r

2. In accelerated motion, the path of the moving particle is

(a) straight line
(b) circular
(c) parabola
(d) all the above

3. If a particle is at rest, then its displacement-time graph will be

(a) a curve
(b) an inclined line
(c) a line parallel to time axis
(d) a line parallel time axis to displacement axis

4. A person travels from A to B through point C as shown in figure. Find the distance and displacement?





(a) Distance = 140m , displacement = 100m
(b) Distance = 140m , displacement = 120m
(c) Distance = 80m, displacement = 60m
(d) Distance = 100m , displacement = 100m

5. Which of the following does not represent accelerated motion?

(a)  A Car changing its speed per second by 2km/hr
(b) A man walking slowly with speed of 2km/hr in a straight line
(c)  A car is moving on a circular track with uniform speed of 20km/hr
(d) Both (b) and (c)

6. Identify a physical quantity which is not a vector

(a) displacement
(b) distance
(c) acceleration
(d) force

7. Which of the following is not true for displacement?

(a) It cannot be zero
(b) Its magnitude is greater than the distance
(c) Its unit is cm
(d) Its magnitude can be equal to the distance

8. A man starts his journey and gains a velocity of 10m/s in 2s. Find its acceleration?
(a) 5ms-2
(b) 2ms-2
(c) 1ms-2
(d) 10ms-2

9.Which of the following graphs represent uniform Motion ?







(a)  Only (i)
(b) (i), (iii)
(c)  (i), (ii)
(d) (ii),(iii)

10. A particle takes 6.28 seconds to complete one revolution. Its angular speed is

(a) 1 rad/s
(b) 2 rad/s
(c) 0.5 rad/s
(d) 3.14 rad/s

11.Find the total displacement made by the object in 7sec from origin where he has initial velocity of 10m/s according to the graph given below?









(a)  30m
(b) 40m
(c)  60m
(d) 20m

12. An object is said to be accelerated if?
(a)  It speed varies
(b) Its stops from a velocity
(c)  It’s direction changes
(d) All

13. Area under a ‘v-t’ graph represents a physical quantity which has the unit

(a) m2
(b) m
(c) m3
(d) ms-1

14. Which of the following equation of motion can be used always for both distance and displacement?

(a) v = u + at
(b) v2 – u2 =2as
(c) s = ut + 1 / 2at2
(d) All of the above

15. The velocity of the an object is directly proportional to the displacement made. What can be said about time of motion?

(a) Uniform motion
(b) Non-uniform Motion
(c) Uniformly accelerated Motion
(d) Non Uniformly accelerated

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