Online Test of Chapter – 7 Tribs, Nomads And Setteld Communities Test 1 | History Class 7th Social Science (S.St)

Q.1. The Cheros were defeated in 1591 by whom?
a. Maharana Pratap
b. Raja Man Singh
c. Amax Singh
d. Prithviraj Chauhan

Q.2. The Ahoms tribes were migrated from where?
a. Iran
b. Arab
c. Myanmar
d. China

Q.3. The 84 villages or Chaurasi was further subdivided into what?
a. Tanda
b. Barhots
c. Khel
d. Clan

Q.4. What did the Gonds practised?
a. Shifting cultivation
b. Intensive agriculture
c. Subsistence cultivation
d. Plantation agriculture

Q.5. Rani Durgawati ruled in which region?
a. Punjab
b. Ambar
c. Bikaner
d. Garha Katanga

Q.6. Ahom society was divided into clans or what?
a. Paiks
b. Garhs
c. Khels
d. Tanda

Q.7. Who assumed the title of Sangram Shah?
a. Bir Narain
b. Chaman Das
c. Dalpat
d. Aman Das

Q.8. What were the Paiks?
a. Landlords
b. Nomads
c. Itinerants
d. Forced labour

Q.9. Which tribes were influential in Punjab in 13th and 14th centuries?
a. Khokhar
b. Ahoms
c. Banjaras
d. Gonds

Q.10. The Ahoms were defeated by whom?
a. Mongols
b. Mughals
c. Hunas
d. Tomaras

Quiz: Chapter - 7 Tribs, Nomads And Setteld Communities Class - 7th Quiz - 1

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