Online Test of Chapter – 7 Lifeline of national economy Test 3 | Geography Class 10th Social Science (S.St)

Q.1. Which of the following is a means of mass communication?
(a) Letters
(b) Television
(c) Telephones
(d) Telegraph

Q.2. Which of the following airlines is the nationalised airline of India?
(a) Air India
(b) Jet Airways
(c) Kingfisher Airline
(d) Indigo

Q.3. The largest number of newspapers published in India are in which of the following languages?
(a) Hindi
(b) English
(c) Urdu
(d) Marathi

Q.4. In recent years, India is earning large foreign exchange through the export of which of the following?
(a) Ores and Minerals
(b) Information Technology
(c) Agricultural Products
(d) Electrical goods

Q.5. Which of the following is the most important modes of transportation in India?
(a) Pipelines
(b) Railways
(c) Roadways
(d) Airways

Q.6. Which one of the following terms is used to describe trade between two or more countries?
(a) Internal trade
(b) International trade
(c) External trade
(d) Local trade

Q.7. Which two of the following extreme locations are connected by the East-West Corridor?
(a) Mumbai and Nagpur
(b) Silchar and Porbandar
(c) Mumbai and Kolkata
(d) Nagpur and Siliguri

Q.8. Which one of the following ports is the deepest land-locked and well-protected port along the east coast?
(a) Chennai
(b) Paradip
(c) Tuticorin
(d) Visakhapatnam

Q.9. Which mode of transportation reduces trans-shipment losses and delays?
(a) Railways
(b) Roadways
(c) Pipeline
(d) Waterways

Q.10. Which one of the following states is not connected with the H.V.J. pipeline?
(a) Madhya Pradesh
(b) Maharashtra
(c) Gujarat
(d) Uttar Pradesh

Chapter - 7 Lifeline of national economy Quiz-3 | Geography Class 10th

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