Quiz of Chapter – 7 Control and Coordination Online Test – 3 Class 10th

1. Blinking of eyes is example of
(a) Diseases
(b) Habit
(c) Reflex action
(d) Response

2. Dwarfism in human beings is caused due to deficiency of:
(a) Thyroxin
(b) Growth hormone
(c) Adrenalin
(d) Insulin

3. Thyroid gland is located:
(a) Near the heart
(b) At the base of the brain
(c) In the neck region
(d) Between stomach and duodenum

4. Salivation and vomiting are involuntary actions controlled by the
(a) Mid-brain and hind brain
(b) Mid-brain
(c) Hind-brain
(d) Fore-brain

5. Voluntary movements in vertebrates are coordinated by
(a) Cerebellum
(b) Cerebrum
(c) Thyroid
(d) Pituitary

6. Cerebral hemisphere is the centre of:
(a) Thinking
(b) Will power
(c) Reasoning
(d) All of these

7. The gap between two neurons is called a
(a) Dendrite
(b) Synapse
(c) Axon
(d) Impulse

8. Which gland is lost as the age advances?
(a) Thymus
(b) Thyroid
(c) Pancreas
(d) Adrenal

9. Nerve cells of nervous system are called
(a) Dendrite
(b) Axon
(c) Cell body
(d) None of these

10. Ventricles of the central nervous system are full of:
(a) Spinal fluid
(b) Cerebrospinal fluid
(c) Cranial fluid
(d) Pericardial fluid

Chapter - 7 Control and Coordination Quiz - 3 Class 10th

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