Quiz of Chapter – 7 Control and Coordination Online Test – 1 Class 10th

1. The brain is responsible for
(a) Thinking
(b) Regulating the heartbeat
(c) Impulse
(d) All of the above

2. Chemicals produced by plants to regulate plant activities are called
(a) Chemicals
(b) Chlorophyll
(c) Growth regulators
(d) Neurons

3. Olfactory receptors detect:
(a) Smell
(b) Light
(c) Sound
(d) Taste

4. Hormones in human are secreted by specialised glands called
(a) Liver
(b) Endocrine
(c) Pancreas
(d) All of these

5. Glucagon controls
(a) Glycolysis
(b) Glycogenolysis
(c) Glycogenesis
(d) None of these

6. Fight or flight hormone is
(a) Thyroxin
(b) Growth hormone
(c) Adrenaline
(d) Insulin

7. Insulin is a
(a) Hormone
(b) Enzyme
(c) Gland
(d) Food

8. Reflex action is controlled by
(a) Brain
(b) Spinal cord
(c) Skin
(d) Nerves

9. The longest cell is:
(a) Gamete
(b) Bone cell
(c) Nerve cell
(d) Muscle cell

10. Watering of mouth is a
(a) Reflex action
(b) Action
(c) Good
(d) Bad

Chapter - 7 Control and Coordination Quiz - 1 Class 10th

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