Online Test of Chapter 6 Work, Life and Leisure Test 1 History (Social Science S.St)| Class 10th

Q.1- Which industries did not exist in London before the First World War?
a. Motor cars and electrical goods
b. Cloth and textile
c. Metal and engineering
d. None of these

Q.2- Who was Charles Booth?
a. A Liverpool ship owner
b. A rich merchant
c. A philanthropist
d. None of these

Q.3- What was the belief of the People in industrial cities about the black fog?
a. Air pollution
b. Bad tempers and dirty clothes
c. smoke-related illnesses
d. Both band c

Q.4- What do you mean by ‘Temperance Movement’?
a. A movement led by the rich to stop drinking on the streets
b. A movement in Britain and USA, aimed at reducing alcoholism amongst the working classes
c. A movement to start alcohol free
d. None of these

Q.5 In which year Charles Booth, conducted the first social survey?
a. 1885
b. 1889
c. 1887
d. 1892

Q.6- When did the first section of the Underground railways in the world opened?
a. 10 January
b. 25 march
c. 15 April
d. 20 May

Q.7- What do you mean by ‘Individualism’?
a. Superiority of men over women
b. It promotes the liberty, rights or independent action
c. It promotes male preserve and domestic sphere
d. None of these

Q.8- In the late 18th century, how did the working class people spent their holidays?
a. Dancing at home
b. Eating and spending time at home
c. In visiting museum
d. Meeting in pubs

Q.9- Which entertainment becomes the great mass entertainment for mixed audiences?
a. Cinema
b. Dancing
c. Theatres
d. None of these

Q.10- What were the Presidency cities in India?
a. Bombay
b. Madras
c. Calcutta
d. All of the above

Chapter - 6 Work , Life and Leisure Class - 10th | Quiz - 1

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