Questions :-

1. A group of cells having a common origin and performing similar functions is called
(a) Cell
(b) Tissue
(c) Organ
(d) System

2. Presence of tissues in a multicellular organisms ensures
(a) Faster development
(b) Division of labour
(c) Higher reproductive potential
(d) Body strength

3.Which of the following statements given below is not correct about meristematic tissue ?
(a) Is nude of cells that are incapable of cell division
(b) Is made of cells are very active
(c) Is composed of immature cells
(d) Is composed of dense cytoplasm

4. Parenchyma which contains chlorophyll is called:
(a) Collenchyma
(b) Selerenchyma
(c) Chlorenchyma
(d) None of these

5. Parenchyma is a type of
(a) Complex tissue
(b) Simple tissue
(c) Xylem
(d) Phloem

6. Permanent tissues differe from meristematic tissue in
(a) Inability to divide
(b) attainment of definite shape and size
(c) performing a distinct function
(d) all the above

7. Which is not a function of complex tissue
(a) protection- prevent desiccation
(b) transportation of water
(c) transportation of organic materials
(d) transportation of minerals

8. Which one is made of dead cells ?
(a) sclerenchyma
(b) tracheids
(c) vessel
(d) all the above

9. Which of the following tissues are composed of mainly dead cells?
(a) phloem
(b) epidermis
(c) xylem
(d) endodermis

10. Which type of tissue forms the inner lining of a blood vessel?
(a) epithelial
(b) connective
(c) nervous
(d) muscle

Chapter - 6 Tissue Quiz 2 | Class 9th

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