Online Test of Chapter 6 Life Process Science| Class 10th

1 Right part of the human heart contains _____
a) Oxygenated blood
b) Mixed blood
c) Deoxygenated blood
d) No blood

2 Which of these is not a raw material for photosynthesis?
(a)Carbon dioxide
(d)None of these

3. The process of digestion of food in humans begins in:
(a) stomach
(b) food pipe
(c) mouth
(d) small intestine

4. In which part of the vascular tissue, translocation that is the transportation of soluble products of photosynthesis occurs?
a) Xylem
b) Sclerenchyma
c) Phloem
d) Collenchyma

5. Pancreatic juice contains enzymes which digest:
(a) proteins and carbohydrates only
(b) proteins and fats only
(c) fats and carbohydrates only
(d) proteins, fats and carbohydrates

6. Which life process converts chemical energy into heat energy?
(b) Respiration

7. Which of the following has the longest small intestine?
(a) carnivore
(b) omnivore
(c) herbivore
(d) autotroph

8. In human digestive system, bile is secreted by:
(a) pancreas
(b) liver
(c) kidneys
(d) stomach

9. When carrying out the starch test on a leaf, why is it important to boil the leaf in alcohol?
(a) to dissolve the waxy cuticle
(b) to make the cells more permeable to iodine solution
(c) to remove the chlorophyll
(d) to stop chemical reactions in the cells.

10. The first enzyme to mix with food in the digestive tract is:
(a) pepsin
(b) cellulose
(c) amylase
(d) trypsin

Chapter - 6 Life Process Quiz - 3 Class - 10th

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