Online Test of Chapter 6 Life Process Science| Class 10th

1. The enzyme Pepsin is inactive in stomach without the presence of _____
a) Nitric Acid
b) Hydrochloric acid
c) Acetic acid
d) Butyric acid

2. One of the following organisms has a saprophytic mode of nutrition. This organism is:
(a) mushroom
(b) malarial parasite
(c) leech
(d) lice

3. What is the work of Villi present on the inner lining of the intestinal wall ?
a) Secretes enzymes for digestion
b) Secretes hormones
c) Decreases the surface area for absorption
d) Increases the surface area for absorption

4. The process of digestion in humans is completed in:
(a) oesophagus
(b) small intestine
(c) stomach
(d) large intestine

5. What is the function of bile during digestion?
(a) Emulsification of fat
(b) Digestion of fat
(c) Absorption of fat
(d) Assimilation of fat

6. In human digestive system, the enzymes pepsin and trypsin are secreted respectively by:
(a) pancreas and liver
(b) stomach and salivary glands
(c) pancreas and gall bladder
(d) stomach and pancreas

7. During cellular respiration, one molecule of glucose is first broken down into two molecules of ________
a) Acetic acid
b) Pyruvic acid
c) Lactic acid
d) None of the above

8. The length of small intestine in a human adult is about:
(a) 4.5 m
(b) 1.5 m
(c) 3.5 m
(d) 6.5 m

9. The process of obtaining food by Amoeba is known as:
(a) dialysis
(b) cytokinesis
(c) phagocytosis
(d) amoebiasis

10. The pain in muscle due to excess physical exercise is due to?
a) Formation of lactic acid
b) Formation of acetic acid
c) Formation of Pyruvic acid
d) Formation of Hydrochloric acid

Chapter - 6 Life Process Quiz - 2 Class 10th

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