Online Test of Chapter 6 Life Process 1 Science| Class 10th

1. Atmospheric carbon di oxide is ………….. to carbohydrates in Photosynthetic process.
(a) oxidized
(b) Reduced
(c) Neutralised
(d) Burnt

2. Where are proteins first digested in the alimentary canal?
(a) small intestine
(b) oesophagus
(c) mouth
(d) stomach

3. The food is stored in which form in leaves?
(a) Glucose
(b) Fructose
(c) Glycogen
(d) Starch

4. The autotrophic mode of nutrition requires:
(a) carbon dioxide and water
(b) chlorophyll
(c) sunlight
(d) all of the above

5. What happen to stomata when water enters the guard cells?
a) Opens
b) Closes
c) Open or closes
d) No effect

6. Which of the following is the correct statement regarding bile?
(a) secreted by bile duct and stored in liver
(b) secreted by gall bladder and stored in liver
(c) secreted by liver and stored in bile duct
(d) secreted by liver and stored in gall bladder

7. The organism having parasitic mode of nutrition is:
(a) Penicillium
(b) Plasmodium
(c) Paramecium
(d) Parrot

8. The process of taking food in the body is called?

9. Two of the following organisms have a holozoic mode of nutrition. These organisms are:
(a) Paramecium and Plasmodium
(b) Plasmodium and Parakeet
(c) Parakeet and Paramecium
(d) Paramecium and Parasite

10. The fluid which appears in our mouth on seeing good food is?
a) Water
b) Hormone
c) Enzyme
d) None of the above

Chapter - 6 Life Process Quiz - 1 Class - 10th

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