Online Test of Chapter 5 The Age of Industrialisation Test 3 History (Social Science S.St)| Class 10th

Q.1- In India, where was the first cotton mill set up?
a. Bombay
b. Delhi
c. Madras
d. None of these

Q.2- What are the problems faced by the cotton weavers in India?
a. Export market had collapsed
b. They did not have good quality cotton
c. Imported goods were cheap
d. All of the above

Q.3- Who improved the ‘Steam Engine’ produced by Newcomen?
a. Marcopolo
b. Richard Arkwright
c. James Watt
d. None of these

Q.4- During the 19th century, Which were the most dynamic industries in Britain?
a. Cotton and metal
b. Metal and sugar
c. Sugar and cotton
d. None of these

Q.5- In India where was the first Jute mill set up?
a. Bihar
b. Bengal
c. Madras
d. None of these

Q.6- In which century, the exports of British cotton goods increased dramatically?
a. 17th century
b. 19th century
c. 20th century
d. 18th century

Q.7- Which one of the following places in India 67 per cent of the large industries was located?
a. Bengal and Delhi
b. Bengal and Bombay
c. Delhi and Bombay
d. None of these

Q.8- In 1917 who set up the first Indian jute mill in Calcutta?
a. Seth Hukumchand
b. G.D. Birla
c. Jamsedjee Tata
d. None of the above

Q.9- Which state replaces Surat and Hooghly?
a. Bombay and Orissa
b. Bombay and Calcutta
c. Masulipatam and Calcutta
d. None of the above

Q.10- Who was Dwarkanath Tagore?
a. A social reformer
b. Musician
c. Industrialist
d. Painter

Chapter - 5 The Age of Industrialisation Class - 10th | Quiz - 3

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