Online Test of Chapter – 5 Industries Test 2 | Geography Class 8th Social Science (S.St)

Q. 1. Name the countries where the textile industry is concentrated?
a. India
b. Japan
c. Taiwan
d. All of the above

Q.2. what is smelting?
a. Melting of metals and getting ores
b. Melting of ores and getting metals
c. Smooth melting of iron ore
d. None of these

Q. 3. Why is steel called the backbone of modern industries?
a. Steel is cheaper
b. Steel is available everywhere in the world
c. Everything we use is related with steel
d. None of these

Q. 4. Why is steel so widely used for industrial purposes?
a. Tough
b. Ability to resist rusting
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

Q. 5. Where were the iron and steel industry located before 1850?
a. Availability of raw material
b. Availability of power supply
c. Availability of running water
d. All of the above

Q. 6. Name the natural fibers used in the textile industry?
a. Wool
b. Silk
c. Linen
d. All of the above

Q. 7. What does the term ‘industry’ mean?
a. Economic activity concerned with goods and minerals
b. Economic activity concerned with finance
c. Economic activity concerned with company balance sheet
d. None of these

Q. 8. How do industrial regions develop?
a. Industries share the benefit of their closeness
b. Industries are located close to each other
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

Q. 9. Why do industrial accidents usually happen?
a. Due to technical failure
b. Due to irresponsible handling of materials
c. Due to negligence
d. All of the above

Q. 10. Which place is called the ‘Manchester of India’?
A. Bhopal
b. Ahmedabad
c. Madras
d. None of these

Quiz: Chapter - 5 Industries Class - 8th Quiz - 2

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