Online Test of Chapter – 4 Agriculture Test 1 | Geography Class 8th Social Science (S.St)

Q.1. what do you mean by Horticulture?
a. Growing fruits, flowers and vegetables.
b. Growing of wheat
c. Primitive farming.
d. All of these

Q.2. what is referred by Golden Fiber?
a. Tea
b. Cotton
c. Jute
d. Silk

Q.3. Who is the Leading producer of coffee?
a. Brazil
b. India
c. Russia
d. America

Q.4. what is the name of breeding of fish?
a. Horticulture
b. Sericulture
c. Pisciculture
d. Viticulture

Q.5. which agriculture is referred as Slash and Burn agriculture?
a. Intensive farming
b. Shifting agriculture
c. Primitive farming
d. Plantation agriculture

Q.6. what is the Staple diet of tropical region?
a. Maize
b. Wheat
c. Millets
d. Rice

Q.7.What is another name of shifting agriculture in Mexico?
a. Ladang
b. Milpa
c. Jhumming
d. Roca

Q.8. which is the crop that is known as coarse grain?
a. Millets
b. Wheat
c. Rice
d. Flax

Q.9. which one of the following is known as paddy crop?
a. Millets
b. Wheat
c. Rice
d. Flax

Q. 10. How many types of economic activities are involved in the transformation of a jute plant to its finished product?
a. Primary activities
b. Secondary activities
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

Quiz: Chapter - 4 Agriculture Class - 8th Quiz - 1

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