Online Test of Chapter – 3 Water Resources Test 2 | Geography Class 10th Social Science (S.St)

Q.1. For which of the following purposes were dams traditionally built?
(a) For generating electricity
(b) For supplying water to industries
(c) For flood control
(d) To impound river and rain water for irrigation

Q.2. Which of the following multipurpose projects is found in the Satluj-Beas river basin?
(a) Hirakud project
(b) Damodar Valley Corporation
(c) Bhakra Nangal Project
(d) Rihand Project

Q.3. On which of the following rivers is the Hirakud dam constructed?
(a) Satluj
(b) Beas
(c) Mahanadi
(d) Narmada

Q.4. On which of the following issues did the Narmada Bachao Andolan first focus?
(a) Benefits of irrigation to landless farmers
(b) Environmental issues related to submergence of trees under the dam water
(c) Rehabilitation of the people displaced due to construction of the dam
(d) Economic issues of wastage of money for the construction of the dam

Q.5. In which of the following areas were farmers agitated when higher priority was given to water supply in urban areas, particularly during drought?
(a) Krishna-Godavari basin
(b) Koyna basin, Maharashtra
(c) Sabarmati basin, Gujarat
(d) Rihand basin, Uttar Pradesh

Q.6. Which of the following state governments have raised the Krishna-Godavari dispute?
(a) Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh
(b) Gujarat and Rajasthan
(c) Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh
(d) Karnataka and Maharashtra

Q.7. On which of the following rivers are the Tilaiya, Panchet, Maithon, Konar and Bokaro dams located?
(a) Sutlej
(b) Damodar
(c) Mahanadi
(d) Krishna

Q.8. Which of the following river projects or groups of river project provide hydroelectricity to the industries of Maharashtra?
(a) Pravara Project and Koyna Project
(b) Hirakud Project
(c) Nagarjuna Sagar Project and Tungabhadra Project (d) Ghatprabha Project and Mettur Project

Q.9. Which of the following dams are part of Chambal Project?
(a) Maithon, Panchet, Tilaiya, Konar, Bokaro
(b) Pravara, Ramagundam
(c) Rana Pratap Sagar, Gandhi sagar
(d) Sardar Sarovar Dam

Q.10. Which of the following environmental damages are not induced due to multipurpose projects?
(a) Water-borne diseases and pests
(b) Pollution resulting from excessive use of water
(c) Earthquakes
(d) Volcanic activity

Chapter - 3 Water Resources Quiz-2 | Geography Class 10th

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