Online Test of Chapter 3 Nazism and the Rise of Hitler Test 1 History (Social Science S.St)| Class 9th

1. When did Germany withdraw herself from the League of Nations?
(i) 1931
(ii) 1932
(iii) 1933
(iv) 1934

2. The Great Depression was a period of:
(i) Economic crisis
(ii) Political crisis
(iii) Global crisis
(iv) Social crisis

3. Who supported the Weimar Republic?
(i) Socialists, Liberals, Democrats
(ii) Conservatives
(ii) Catholics, Liberals, Conservatives
(iv) Socialists, Catholics, Democrats

4. The German Parliament is known as:
(i) National Parliament
(ii) German Legislature
(iii) Reichstag
(iv) German National Congress

5. Who were called the ‘November criminals’?
(i) The Opponents of Weimar Republic
(ii) Chancellor of Germany
(iii) The supporters of Weimar Republic
(iv) None of the above

6. What was ‘Jungvolk’ in Nazi Germany?
(i) A Book
(ii) Jews Teachers
(iii) Schools
(iv) Youth organisation

7. Who was the propaganda minister of Hitler?
(i) Hjalmar Schacht
(ii) Hindenburg
(iii) Goebbels
(iv) Helmuth

8. After the Second World War, which committee was formed to prosecute Nazi war criminals for War Crimes?
(i) Treaty of Versailles
(ii) Reichstag committee
(iii) International Military Tribunal
(iv) International Peace Forum

9. When did the Second World War come to an end?
(i) March 1945
(ii) May 1945
(iii) June 1945
(iv) March 1948

10. Which countries signed Tripartite Pact?
(i) Germany, Austria and Japan
(ii) Germany, Italy and Japan
(iii) UK, France and Japan
(iv) France, UK and USSR

Chapter 3 Nazism and the Rise of Hitler Quiz - 1 Class 9th

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