Online Test of Chapter – 3 Mineral and Power Resources Test 1 | Geography Class 8th Social Science (S.St)

Q.1- Which one of the following is not a characteristic of minerals?
a. They are created by natural processes.
b. They have a definite chemical composition.
c. They are inexhaustible.
d. Their distribution is uneven.

Q.2. which one of the following is not a producer of Mica?
a. Jharkhand
b. Karnataka
c. Rajasthan
d. Andhra Pradesh

Q.3. which one of the following is a leading producer of copper in the world?
a. Bolivia
b. Ghana
c. Chile
d. Zimbabwe

Q.4. which one of the following practices will not conserve LPG in your kitchen?
a. Soaking the dal for some time before cooking it.
b. Cooking food in a pressure cooker.
c. Keeping the vegetables chopped before lighting the gas for cooking.
d. Cooking food in an open pan kept on low flame.

Q.5. what is the name of the mineral that is extracted from Bauxite?
a. Silver
b. Manganese
c. Aluminium
d. Copper

Q.6. Where did the non-metallic minerals are found?
a. Metamorphic rocks
b. Sedimentary rocks
c. Igneous rocks
d. None of these

Q.7. what is the appropriate source of energy for coastal area?
a. Tidal energy
b. Solar energy
c. Biogas
d. Wind energy

Q.8. what is the process in which deep wells are bored to take out petroleum and natural gas?
a. Open Cast Mining
b. Quarrying
c. Drilling
d. Shaft Mining

Q.9. what are the ways to conserve minerals is?
a. Recycling of minerals
b. Reducing waste in the process of mining
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

Q.10. Why the Petroleum is called “black gold”?
a. It is used in making black metal jewelry
b. The color of petroleum is black
c. It emits smoke of black color when burnt
d. It has immense value.

Quiz: Chapter - 3 Mineral and Power Resources Class - 8th Quiz - 1

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