Online Test of Chapter – 3 Drainage Test 2 | Geography Class 9th Social Science (S.St)

1. What is the name of the Brahamputra river in Bangladesh?
(i) Jamuna
(ii) Lohit
(iii) Dibang
(iv) Tsangpo

2. Which one of the following river flows towards the west in a rift valley?
(i) Godavari
(ii) Mahanadi
(iii) Narmada
(iv) Krishna

3. The river Indus originates in:
(i) Bangladesh
(ii) Bhutan
(iii) Tibet
(iv) Nepal

4. Alaknanda and Bhagirathi converge to be called as Ganga at:
(i) Kedarnath
(ii) Devprayag
(iii) Haridwar
(iv) None of the Above

5. Which of these Peninsular rivers flows towards the west?
(i) Godavari
(ii) Tapi
(iii) Mahanadi
(iv) Krishna

6. What is an upland that separates two drainage basins known as?
(i) River system
(ii) Drainage system
(iii) Water divide
(iv) None of the Above

7. Sivasamudram, the second biggest waterfall of India is made by which river:
(i) Godavari
(ii) Kaveri
(iii) Krishna
(iv) None of the Above

8. Which one of the following drainage patterns develops on a strongly jointed rocky terrain?
(i) Trellis
(ii) Centrifugal
(iii) Radial
(iv) Rectangular

9. What is an area drained by a single river system called?
(i) Drainage basin
(ii) Water divide
(iii) Drainage
(iv) Doab

10. Which of the following describes drainage patterns resembling branches of a tree?
(i) Trellis
(ii) Centrifugal
(iii) Dendritic
(iv) Rectangular

Chapter - 3 Drainage Quiz - 2 Class 9th

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