Online Test of Chapter 3 Democracy and Diversity Test 1 Civics (Social Science S.St)| Class 10th

Q.1. When did the Civil Rights Movement take place in USA?
a. 1953-1958
b. 1954-1968
c. 1960-1978
d. 1946-1968

Q.2. Which of these sentences is not correct about the “Black Power Movement”?
a. It emerged in 1966
b. It lasted till 1975
c. It was a more militant movement
d. It advocated peaceful methods

Q.3. What was special about the 1968 Olympics held at Mexico city?
a. All the Gold Medals went to US athletes
b. Protest by African-American athletes against the rack discrimination of African-Americans
c. Mexico City supported the demand
d. US government announced the end of racism

Q.4. Who led the Civil Rights Movement in USA?
(a) Martin Luther
b) Martin Luther King Jr
(c) Martin Davis
(d) Benjamin Franklin

Q.5. How did the San Jose State University honour Tommie Smith and Carlos?
a. By giving them bravery award
b. By installing their states in the University campus
c. By starting a sports organisation in their name
d. By giving them jobs

Q.6. Which of the sentence is correct?
a. Every social difference does not lead to social division
b. Social differences divide similar people from one another
c. They also unite very different people
d. All the above

Q.7. Which of the community in India was in a more or less similar position as that of Blacks in USA?
(a) Brahmins
(b) Dallits
(c) Vaishyas
(d) Kshatriyas

Q.8. Name the prominent religious group in Northern Ireland and the Netherlands?
a. Judaism
b. Christianity
c. Islam
d. None of the above

Q.9. Which of these is incorrect about the Catholic Christians of Northern Ireland?
a. They are likely to be poor.
b. They may have suffered a history of discrimination. c. Catholics have lived peacefully with Protestants.
d. All the above.

Q.10. What is the society with similar kinds of people called?
a. Homogeneous
b. Heterogeneous
c. Humane
d. Humble

Chapter - 3 Democracy and Diversity Class - 10th Quiz - 1

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