Online Test of Chapter 2 What is Democracy? Why Democracy? Test 1 Civics (Social Science S.St)| Class 9th

1. The word ‘Democracy’ comes from the Greek word –
(i) Demoskrati
(ii) Demokratia
(iii) Democracia
(iv) Kratia

2.“Democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people” is said by whom?
(i) Adolf Hitler
(ii) Robert Mugabe
(iii) Abraham Lincoln
(iv) None of the Above

3. What kind of government is there in Myanmar?
(i) Monarchy
(ii) One party rule
(iii) Army rule
(iv) Elected by the people

4. How many members are elected to the National People’s Congress from all over China?
(i) 3000
(ii) 3100
(iii) 3200
(iv) 4000

5. In a democracy the final decision-making power must rest with whom?
(i) Those who are in military.
(ii) Those elected by the people.
(iii) The head of the state.
(iv) The King.

6. Which party always won elections in Mexico since its independence in 1930 until 2000?
(i) Mexican Revolutionary Party
(ii) Institutional Revolutionary Party
(iii) Socialist Revolutionary Party
(iv) Institutional Party

7. Who is the President of Zimbabwe?
(i) Adolf Hitler
(ii) Robert Mugabe
(iii) Abraham Lincoln
(iv) None of the Above

8. Democracy must be based on
(i) Coalition
(ii) Free and fair election
(iii) One Party System
(iv) All the above

9. ‘One person, one vote’ means
(i) All person must vote for one person
(ii) Each person has one vote and each vote has one value
(iii) Each person can vote only once in his life
(iv) None of the Above

10. In which country women do not have the right to vote?
(i) Saudi Arabia
(ii) Fiji
(iii) Estonia
(iv) None of the Above

Chapter - 2 What is Democracy Quiz - 1 Class - 9

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