Online Test of Chapter 2 – A Dog Named Duke Test 1 English (Literature Reader)| Class 9th

1. Chuck Hooper was _____
(i) marketing manager for a chemical company.
(ii) event manager for a chemical company.
(iii) sales manager for a chemical company.
(iv) relationship manager for a chemical company.

2. For how long was Hooper in a critical condition?
(i) 2 weeks
(ii) 1 month
(iii) 3 months
(iv) 6 months

3. What was the distance from the clinic to the local branch office of Hooper’s company?
(i) 100 metres
(ii) 200 metres
(iii) 300 metres
(iv) 500 metres

4. The accident left Hooper ____
(i) paralysing of his whole body.
(ii) paralysing of his left side.
(iii) paralysing of his right side.
(iv) None of the Above

5. The author says that Duke ‘knew his job’. The job was _____________
(i) to look after Chuck.
(ii) to get Chuck on his feet.
(iii) to humour Chuck.
(iv) to guard the house.

6. At what time of the day, Chuck met with an accident?
(i) Twilight
(ii) Afternoon
(iii) Evening
(iv) Morning

7. Why was Hooper leaning back against the pull?
(i) because he was thinking about some serious matter.
(ii) to keep his balance
(iii) to stop his dog, Duke
(iv) because he was tried

8. Where was Duke sent after Hooper met with an accident?
(i) Marcy’s paternal home
(ii) Kennel
(iii) hospital
(iv) None of the Above

9. After how many days, the hospital put Duke in a wheelchair?
(i) Two weeks
(ii) Four Weeks
(iii) Six Weeks
(iv) Eight Weeks

10. In which month, Hooper was discharged from the hospital?
(i) February
(ii) March
(iii) June
(iv) August

Chapter - 2 A Dog name Duke Quiz - 1 Class - 9th

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