Questions :-

1. Sparkers can be seen on electric dipole when wires become _________
(a) Loose
(b) Tight
(c) Both
(d) None

2. Name the device used to protect buildings from the effect of lightning.
(a) Metallic conductor
(b) Electrolytic conductor
(c) Lightning conductor
(d) None of these

3. Benjamin Franklin showed lightning in _________
(a) 1752
(b) 1745
(c) 1725
(d) 1754

4. When was the major earthquake occurred in Bhuj district of Gujarat?
(a) 26 January 2002
(b) 26 January 2003
(c) 26 January 2001
(d) 26 January 2005

5. The weak zone of the earthquake is known as _________
(a) Seismic zones
(b) Threatening zones
(c) Both of these
(d) None of these

6. Name the scale which is used to tell the size of the earthquake.
(a) Minor scale
(b) Major scale
(c) Richter scale
(d) None of these

7. The charge acquired by a glass rod when it is rubbed with silk is _________
(a) Negative
(b) Positive
(c) Both
(d) None

8. Destructive earthquakes have magnitude ________
(a) 7
(b) More than 7
(c) Less than 7
(d) None of these

9. Name the instrument which records seismic waves.
(a) Telegraph
(b) Photograph
(c) Seismograph
(d) None of these

10.Tremor produce waves on the surface of the earth are called __________
(a) Seismic waves
(b) Radio waves
(c) Micro waves
(d) None of these

Chapter - 15 Some Natural Phenomena Test 2 | Class - 8th Science

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