Questions :-

1. Growing of two or more crops simultaneously on the same piece of land is
a)Dis joint cropping
b)Alter cropping
c)Mixed cropping
d)None of these

2. Preventive and control measures adopted for the storage of grains include-
a)Strict cleaning
b)Proper disjoining
d)All of the above

3. Animal husbandry is the scientific management of
a)Animal breeding
b)Culture of animals
c)Animal livestock
d)All of the above

4. Poultry farming is undertaken to raise following
a.Egg production
b.Feather production
c.Chicken meat
d.Both (a) and (c)

5. What are broilers?
a)Birds grown for meat
b)Birds grown for productivity
c)Birds grown for egg
d)None of these

6. Birds grown for obtaining egg are-
d)None of these

7.Plants acquire Nitrogen from-
d)None of these

8. Bombay duck differ from common carp on the basis of
b)Types of water they live
c)Inland habitat
d)None of these
Answer (b)
Bombay duck is a marine fish, while common carp is a fresh water fish.

9.What do we call the kind of farming with no use of chemicals?
a)Organic farming
b)In-organic farming
c)Cattle farming
d)None of these

10. Composite fish culture system is a technology to grow
a)Local and national fish species
b)Local and imported fish species
c)Local and aquatic fish species
d)None of the above

Chapter - 15 Improvement in Food Resources Quiz 2 | Class - 9th

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