Online Test of Chapter -11 The Making of Regional Cultures Test 1 | History Class 8th Social Science (S.St)
Q.1- Which League was formed at Dacca in 1906?
a. Hindu league
b. Congress league
c. Muslim league
d. None of these

Q.2- In which year Bengal was partitioned by Viceroy Lord Curzon?
a. 1960
b. 1940
c. 1920
d. 1905

Q.3- When did Congress adopted the aim of Purna Swaraj?
a. 1956
b. 1940
c. 1935
d. 1929

Q.4- Who started the historic Dandi March?
a. Mahatma Gandhi
b. Jawaharlal Nehru
c. Bal Gangadhar tilak
d. All of these

Q.5- When was the Rowlatt Act passed in India?
a. 1925
b. 1940
c. 1909
d. 1919

Q.6- When was the Lucknow Pact was signed?
a. 1920
b. 1925
c. 1932
d. 1916

Q.7- When did the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association was formed?
a. 1945
b. 1978
c. 1932
d. 1928

Q.8- which famous slogan is given by Bal Gangadhar Tilak?
a. Quit India
b. ‘Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it’
c. Simon Go back
d. None of these

Q 9- When did the Chauri Chaura Incident took place?
a. 1950
b. 1940
c. 1932
d. 1922

Q.10- Who had signed the Lucknow Pact agreement?
a. Congress
b. All India Muslim Leagues
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

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