Online Test of Chapter -10 The Changing World of Visual Arts Test 2 | History Class 8th Social Science (S.St)

Q.1- What do you mean by Engraving?
a. Oil painting
b. Impression printing
c. British printing
d. None of these

Q. 2. How did the European artists depict India in their paintings?
a. Rich land
b. Land of poor
c. Quaint land
d. None of these

Q. 3. Why did the European portrait painters come to India?
a. Paint for free
b. For getting the contract
c. To paint only for king
d. None of these

Q. 4. How were Indians portrayed in the European Paintings?
a. Inferior than European
b. Superior than European
c. Equal before European
d. None of these

Q. 5. Why were the paintings on Indian themes displayed in Britain?
a. To give idea about Indian poor
b. To give idea about new land conquer
c. To give idea about wealth in India
d. None of these

Q. 6. Who were residents?
a. British officials appointed in India
b. Indian officials appointed in British
c. Indian under British polices
d. None of these

Q. 7. What are history paintings?
a. Painting showing Indian victories in British
b. Painting showing Indian victory over Mughal
c. Painting showing British victories in India
d. None of these

Q.8- Who was Muhammad Ali khan?
a. Nawab of Madras
b. Nawab of Arcot
c. Nawab of Bengal
d. None of these

Q.9- Why did the Muhammad Ali khan appointed artists?
a. Paint modern paintings
b. Paint historical paintings
c. Paint oil paintings
d. None of these

Q.10- In which painting whole wall is covered?
a. Mural paintings
b. Oil painting
c. Impression printing
d. British printing

Quiz: Chapter - 10 The Changing World of Visual Arts Class - 8th Quiz - 2

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