Online test of Chapter 10 Gravitation 2 Science| Class 9th


1. The weight of a body on the earth is 120 N. The weight of the same body on the moon will be
(a) 120 N.
(b) 20 N.
(c) zero.
(d) 240 N.

2. The force acting on a ball due to the earth has a magnitude Fb and that acting on the earth due to the ball has a magnitude Fe. Then
(a) Fb = Fe
(b) Fb > Fe
(c) Fb < Fe
(d) Fe = 0

3. Two bodies A and B of masses 100 g and 200 g respectively are dropped near the earth’s surface. Let the acceleration of A and B be a1 and a2 respectively. Then:
(a) a1= a2
(b) a< a2
(c) a1 > a2
(d) a1 ≠ a2

4. The universal constant of gravitation G has the unit:
(a) N
(b) m/s2
(c) (Nm2)/kg2
(d) J

5. The acceleration due to gravity on a planet having mass twice of earth and radius thrice of earth will be, given acceleration due to gravity of earth is g.

6. The body will have zero weight
(a) on the top of a mountain.
(b) on the plains.
(c) at the centre of the earth.
(d) on the sea bed.

7. The ratio of acceleration due to gravity of two objects having mass m and mass 2m on same earth surface is
(a) 2:1
(b) 1:2
(c) 1:1
(d) 1:4

8. Which of the following statement is universally true?
(a) Mass and Weight of an object is always constant.
(b) Weight is not constant, mass is constant.
(c) Mass is not constant, weight is constant
(d) Mass and weight both are not constant

9. The relative density of an object is 2.3. What is its density?
(a) 230kg/m3
(b) 23Kg/m3
(c) 2300kg/m3
(d) 23000kg/m3

10. By Archimedes principal, the Buoyant Force is equal to?

(a) Weight of Liquid displaced.
(b) Weight of object emerged in Liquid.
(c) Net force applied on object.
(d) None

Chapter 10 Gravitation Quiz 2| Class 9th

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