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Q.1. When did the medieval period began in India?
a. 9th century AD
b. 8th century AD
c. 10th century AD
d. 18th century AD

Q.2. For the first time, the term ‘Hindustan’ was used by whom?
a. Al-Idrisi
b. Minhaj-i Siraj
c. Muhamad Tughluq
d. Ziyauddin Barani

Q.3. In which period the number and variety of textual records increased dramatically?
a. 600 to 700 CE
b. 700 to 800 CE
c. 800 to 1000 CE
d. 700 to 1750 CE

Q.4. Cartographer is the person who draws what?
a. Paintings
b. Pictures
c. Sketches
d. Maps

Q.5. What does script refers to?
a. Written form of language
b. Spoken form of language
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these

Q.6. Which is the holy book of Muslims?
a. Gita
b. Ramayan
c. Quran
d. Bible

Q.7. Ziyauddin Barani was a chronicles of which century?
a. 18th century
b. 19th century
c. 14th century
d. 15th century

Q.8. Who collected manuscripts in the past?
a. Poor people
b. Wealthy people
c. Local people
d. None of these

Q.9. Which was the most dominant group in the society?
a. Kshatriyas
b. Traders
c. Brahmans
d. Muslims

Q.10. What are the difficulties faced by the historians in using manuscripts?
a. Hand writing of manuscripts is not clear.
b. Lot of information is provided in Manuscripts.
c. Manuscripts were copied by hand.
d. None of these.

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