1.Which of the following is an irrational number?
a. 2.718
b. 2.717
c. 2.717171717171………
d. 2.7171171117………

2. Every rational number is which of the following?
a. An integer
b. A whole number
c. A real number
d. A natural number

3. What is the decimal representation of an irrational number?
a. Always terminating
b. Always non-terminating
c. Neither terminating nor repeating
d. Repeating

4. The sum of two irrational numbers is
a. Always an integer
b. Always rational
c. Always irrational
d. Either irrational or rational

5. Between any two rational numbers there
a. Is no rational number
b. Is no irrational number
c. Are exactly two rational numbers
d. Are many rational number

6. Find rational number between √3 and√5?
a. 3.5
b. 2.1
c. 1.5
d. 4.8

7. What is a number which can neither be expressed as a terminating decimal nor as a repeating decimal?
a. An irrational number
b. A whole number
c. An integer
d. A rational number

8. Every real number is
a. Irrational
b. Neither rational nor irrational
c. Rational
d. Either rational or irrational

9. What is the decimal form of2/11?
a. 0.18
b. 0.01823
c. 0.018

10. If ‘m’ is a positive integer which is not a perfect square, then find the value of √m?
a. A natural number
b. An irrational number
c. An integer
d. A rational number

Chapter - 1 Number Systems Quiz-1 | Math Class 9th

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