MCQ Online Quiz for Chapter 1 A Triumph of Surgery by James Herriot Class 10 Footprints without Feet

This page provide you with MCQ questions from the Chapter A Triumph of Surgery from Class 10 English Textbook published by NCERT. These MCQ’s have been taken from the chapter and provide you with deep knowledge of the story. You can take online test of the chapter and check your progress as well as understanding of the story. This story is written by James Herriot.

MCQ from A Triumph of Surgery by James Herriot: Chapter Test

1. What was the name of Mrs Pumphrey’s dog?
(A) Ben
(B) Tommy
(C) Tricki
(D) Jonny

2. Who was Mrs Pumphrey worried about?
(A) herself
(B) her maid-servant
(C) her dog Tricki
(D) her son

3. Tricki falls ill because
(A) he met an accident
(B) of bad weather
(C) he did not get proper food to eat
(D) his mistress overfed him

4. How did ‘hick; look?
(A) very thin
(B) like a bloated sausage
(C) very smart
(D) always ready to run

5. When Tricki was seriously ill, who did Mrs Pumphrey make a frantic call?
(A) to her son
(B) to her husband
(C) to a vet doctor Mr Herriot
(D) to her maid-servant

6. Where did Mr Herriot take Tricki?
(A) to his clinic
(B) to Mrs Pumphrey’s house
(C) to a public hospital for vets
(D) nowhere

7. When Mr Herriot took Tricki to his clinic, Mrs Pumphrey was :
(A) happy
(B) excited
(C) wailing
(D) thanking the doctor

8. What did the doctor give Tricki at his clinic?
(A) many injections
(B) medicines
(C) no food for two days
(D) only milk and chocolate

9. The dogs at the clinic took no interest in Tricki because he was :
(A) dull and boring
(B) not of their race
(C) of small size
(D) more powerful than them

10. “I think I know a cure for you.” Who is ‘I’?
(A) Mrs Pumphrey
(B) Mrs Pumphrey’s husband
(C) Mr Herriot
(D) Mrs Pumphrey’s servant

11. “I think I know a cure for you.” What is the ‘cure’?
(A) controlling Tricki’s diet
(B) giving him a surgery
(C) giving injections
(D) keeping under observation

12. What did Mrs Pumphrey think her dog is suffering from?
(A) fever
(B) malnutrition
(C) stomach pain
(D) footsore

13. What was Tricki’s real disease?
(A) stomach pain
(B) vomiting due to over-feeding
(C) cholera
(D) fever

14. Mrs Pumphrey was a very…….. Lady.
(A) miser
(B) poor
(C) cruel
(D) rich

15. At his surgery, the doctor gave Tricki no food for ……….. days.
(A) two
(B) three
(C) four
(D) five

16. What was Tricki’s main fault?
(A) fatness
(B) inactivity
(C) laziness
(D) greed

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